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Between modern technology and artisanal expertise.


The unmistakable style of Valentino Orlandi bags blends tradition and innovation, with meticulous attention to detail and elegant finishes.

Design and attention to detail

The design is handled by a young and competent style office within the company. All production steps are also internal, as well as effective logistics management, warehouse organization and all shipments of the finished product.

The design begins with the selection of raw raw materials (leather, accessories, embroidery threads, precious stones...) on which an initial careful quality control is conducted.

Attention to details

Attention to detail involves all production steps. The cutting phase is a concrete example of craftsmanship and innovation, carried out partly by hand and partly automatically, using ultra-modern machinery that ensures speed and precision.

Craftsmanship and high technology

In addition to hemming (a fundamental phase of the production process carried out by hand) and hole-punching (a very particular technique with automated laser cutting), a separate mention should be made for Valentino Orlandi's embroidery factory.

The Valentino Orlandi team, in fact, uses advanced technologies to create the most precious and refined embroideries. The scheme is conceived and the drawings are punched, then executed by expert craftsmen with the richest materials, such as Swarovski Elements precious stones, positioned manually with skill and attention.