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POR Marche Fund FESR 2014/2020 - Actions for the Reorientation and Diversification of Markets

“Actions for the Reorientation and Diversification of Markets”

Regional Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund


Action 1.3: promote corporate innovation processes and the use of new digital technologies in SMEs in the Marche region
Action 21.1: support for productive investments to relaunch economic growth and competitiveness
Valentino Orlandi develops a new digital strategy for the diversification of foreign markets ” is a project created thanks to the co-financing of European Funds which envisaged the integrated digitalisation of the commercial process, strengthening more strategic tools and channels, identifying new business opportunities in alternative foreign markets and thus differentiating export quotas.
The implementation of the project allowed for an important improvement in the commercial process (with a view to digitalisation) and organisation.
The company, always attentive to the needs of consumers, has set up over the years an integrated strategy to approach markets, especially foreign ones, also with a view to digitalisation. The specific project allowed the integrated development of a series of actions in order to effectively enhance the complete online promotion and marketing of company brands, towards target markets of interest.
The commercial process innovation therefore consisted in setting up the new process through a series of preparatory activities (such as market research, development of content targeted at the markets, SEO optimizations and digital promo) and functional to the creation of this new platform and to convey it in order to diversify the market. The corporate digital e-commerce platform was therefore also renewed, with contents and a graphic layout aimed at the tastes of interest of the identified target. Furthermore, the platform will allow the management of purchases, offers and orders, allowing interactive management of customers, profiling their characteristics.
The main objectives that Valentino Orlandi achieved with the completed project are:
  • Increase its presence and market shares in the world (Asia, Middle East, Nigeria, USA, Canada; China) thus diversifying the proposal;
  • Affirm and strengthen the brand image and storytelling strategy, towards a new international target;
  • Innovate and strengthen the commercial (emmerce) and organizational process.